A social sciences team was responsible for exploring and listening to community perceptions and experiences of the va
The clinical and community liaison teams then worked together in order to quickly address any concerns, rumours and m
Local people were recruited to form the community liaison team, including a local community engagement officer, who r
The EBODAC team understood that they would need to engage effectively with the local community in order to ensure suc
Participants undergo group consent using educational flipchart  Photo credit: Anneleen Vuchelen
Sensitisation meeting with Kambia Town Area Chief  Photo credit: Elizabeth Smout
The EBODAC community engagement strategy  Figure credit: Tom Mooney
Social sciences team
Clinical and community liaison teams
community liaison team
 Community engagement
Polygon Rectangle
To learn more about the community engagement strategies developed through EBODAC, please refer to the EBODAC publicat
EBODAC publications and resources
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